Custom Portrait on Vintage Collected Wood + Framed


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Hi! I'm the artist, Hannah, I love creating a one of a kind painted portrait of you or your pals. Capturing a a moment in time is very special, but having it painted can be even more special. I can combine multiple photographs, add features, or take them away. These art pieces include YOU just as much as me. I love working with clients to come up with an idea and present it to you exactly as you envisioned it. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to send me a message

This listing is for a very cool concept that I absolutely want to make more of. I have such an assortment of antique wooden pieces I’ve collected over the years just for this! This piece comes in 2 layers and a frame. If you want your portrait more realistic, please let know know as this is an option too!

Upon deciding your size, background, and completing your purchase, please send me a message with the following (depending on your choices):
-photo or photos of our muse (or museS)
-additional notes about the photo(s)
-color or color ideas for background, attach photos if you have them
-background pattern ideas, color schemes, ideal themes; attach photos if you have them
-any other special requests or notes

Other Notable Things You Might Be Interested in if You Got This Far:
- If you want to get even MORE wild, larger sizes ARE available
- Want to get a piece, but feel it’s out of your price range? Set up a payment plan! Seriously, just shoot me an email with your budget and we can make something work.
- Little Rock (&surrounding areas) local? Skip shipping costs and meet me at a coffee shop around town for pickup!